Packaging Products to Suit the Dessert Parlour market. 

The rise in Dessert Parlour Shops opening across the United Kingdom isn't stopping any time soon. So we are working with our suppliers to come up with eco friendly packaging that does not cost... The Earth! We know, but no pun intended. 

The dessert market has seen growth like no other sector most trade is on a takeaway basis meaning low cost packaging that can be recycled is a must! 

Keeping with this trend, we are working on a high quality but extremely cost effective solution for you and the environment. 

If you think we are missing anything, please let us know. 

2  Products

Waffle Boxes

These takeaway 7″ waffle boxes are perfect for shops, cafés and takeaways that offer their customers delicious desserts like waffles, crêpes and Donut...
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